Jameson Jersey

idegy stepped up to the plate with Jameson to create a unique and high-quality marketing asset, aiming to enhance brand visibility in a dynamic and engaging way. The challenge was not only to produce top-tier baseball jerseys but also to ensure they met professional standards in both look and feel.

Our grand slam solution? High-quality, professionally crafted baseball jerseys with appliqué decoration. We steered away from sublimation, focusing instead on creating a custom design that reflected Jameson’s brand identity with a touch of classic baseball aesthetic.




Retail Service
Branded Merchandise

The result was a home run. These custom-designed jerseys were distributed to employees at bars in professional ballparks nationwide, instantly elevating Jameson’s brand presence in a highly competitive environment. The jerseys, worn by staff, resonated with both baseball fans and patrons, symbolizing a fusion of sports excitement and brand loyalty. Jameson’s presence was strongly felt across ballparks, with employees donning these jerseys becoming brand ambassadors.

This strategic play by idegy showcased our ability to blend creativity with sports passion, delivering high-quality, customized solutions that resonate with brands and audiences alike, and proving that in the game of marketing, we always aim for the fences.