Philadelphia Flyers Stein

idegy was thrilled to partner with the Philadelphia Flyers to memorialize the gameday experience by encouraging participation in the Oktoberfest-themed night festivities. The challenge was to incentivize early match attendance by blending the culture of the beer festival with the world of hockey.

Our solution? A Flyers Beer Stein — functional and artfully crafted. These hand-painted steins captured the spirit of celebration and highlighted the essence of the city, complete with the Philadelphia skyline and official Flyers logo, perfectly blending tradition and innovation.


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The excitement over the steins was evident before the teams faced off. Fans raced to be among the first 10,000 in attendance, ensuring they received their game-day giveaway and fully participated in the match’s spirit. Each stein represented the community atmosphere and collective culture experienced by hockey fans.

The initial excitement over the steins translated into team encouragement and amplified the arena’s atmosphere. Participating in the theme night with the steins created an unforgettable gameday experience. This innovative giveaway showcased idegy’s ability to deliver unmatched creative solutions, remaining consistent with the brand image and keeping the target audience in mind.