Sharks Tech Tattoos

idegy proudly partnered with the San Jose Sharks, aiming to enhance fan engagement during their inaugural SJSharks Gaming Night. The challenge was to create a unique fan experience that blended the worlds of esports and hockey, resonating with a diverse audience.

Our solution? Tech Tattoos — innovative, wearable technology that brought an interactive element to the gaming event. These custom-designed tech tattoos featured unique SJSharks and gaming-themed designs, offering fans a novel way to show their support and immerse themselves in the event.


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On the night of the event, the concourse buzzed with excitement as fans gushed over the tech tattoos, adding a tactile digital element to their game-day. Each tattoo not only symbolized fan loyalty but also acted as a conversation starter, bridging the gap between esports enthusiasts and hockey fans.

The impact was immediate and visible. Fans proudly displayed their tech tattoos, sharing their experiences across social media, which in turn amplified the event’s reach and engagement. The tech tattoos became a symbol of the night, capturing the essence of the SJSharks brand and their foray into the gaming world.

This innovative approach to fan engagement showcased idegy’s ability to blend creativity with technology, creating memorable experiences that resonate with audiences and enhance brand visibility in dynamic new ways.