Titans Pancake Pan

idegy enthusiastically collaborated with the Titan team to deepen their connection with season ticket members, aiming to integrate the brand into fans’ daily lives in a unique and engaging way.

The challenge? To design a gift that wasn’t just a keepsake, but a part of fans’ daily routines, creating memorable experiences associated with the team.

Our inventive solution? The Titan’s pancake mold. This creative, culinary tool was crafted to bring the excitement of the team into fans’ kitchens. Shaped in the team’s logo, it allowed fans to literally savor their support for their favorite team.


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The impact was heartfelt and tangible. Fans took to social media to share their Titan-themed breakfasts, spreading the team spirit far beyond the stadium.

These shared experiences not only brought fans closer to the team but also amplified the brand’s presence in everyday life.

This innovative approach to fan engagement highlighted idegy’s knack for merging creativity with everyday utility, crafting experiences that resonate deeply with audiences and bring brands into the heart of homes in new, delightful ways.